Grades 2-4


We have developed a program called Idea Detectives, designed to provide supplemental lessons to students in Grades 2-4 who have reading difficulties and disabilities. Idea Detectives includes the phonics and word study components of Reading RULES! It also includes a comprehension and text reading component in which students learn to visualize what they are reading, recall main ideas from text, make inferences, and monitor their understanding as they read. Finally, Idea Detectives includes a component designed to support students’ self-regulation. Students are taught that they can improve their reading skills through hard work and by using the word reading and comprehension strategies they are learning in the program. The self-regulation component emphasizes a growth mindset, as well as self-awareness, positive self-talk, goal-setting, self-monitoring, and self-evaluation.

A description of the Idea Detectives research project can be found here on the Children’s Learning Institute’s website. We conducted a pilot test of Idea Detectives in several classrooms, the results of which were published in Learning Disability Quarterly.