First-grade Reading RULES! is a comprehensive reading intervention program that provides struggling readers with daily direct instruction in phonemic awareness, letter-sound instruction, sound analysis, decoding, word recognition, text reading, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Using the Reading RULES! lessons, teachers provide daily 15-minute comprehension lessons to the entire class and daily 30-minute small-group lessons to struggling readers in their classrooms. The whole-class lessons include anchor lessons in which the teacher carefully demonstrates comprehension skills by thinking aloud, or talking about the thought process involved in skills such as finding and remembering important ideas in informational books and stories. The 30-minute highly interactive small-group lesson includes three components: word study (instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, word reading, and spelling), comprehension (designed to reinforce the skills taught in the whole-class lesson), and text reading (in which students apply what they learn in word study and comprehension lessons as they read and develop reading fluency).

The books children read in Reading RULES! include both fiction and non-fiction text. They are fully decodable, but they are also beautifully illustrated and highly engaging. The books were developed to follow Reading RULES! sequence of instruction by Laura Appleton-Smith, a wonderful children’s author who has collaborated with us throughout the Reading RULES! project.

Reading RULES! for first grade has been made available for district purchasing through the Children’s Learning Institute’s Solutions Group.